Hi Kathy, It is an honor for me to be able to write to you. I am so happy that you like the song ("Angels"). I wrote it with much affection, expressing my heartfelt gratitude. You can not imagine the blessing that has come as a result of getting to know you. You, along with the ministry of Music for the World, are the bridge that leads to the blessing. In my particular case, I have received assistance that has served to exalt and to place above all else the name of Jesus. Thanks to your ministry, I am a better musician and I have benefited from your advice. The song I wrote for you speaks about who you are truly an angel for those in need.

Alberto Campusano, Iglesia Communitaria Cristiana, Dominican Republic

"I have personally been associated with Music for the World for many years and have the highest esteem for Kathy Bunker's visionary efforts to make music and musical instruments available to those who find such things virtually impossible to come by. From the stories of herding cows in Africa to the balloons and puppets in Russia, I can affirm the integrity, passion and winsomeness of Music for the World. They seek partnerships where the Kingdom benefits, and they push where the Spirit leads. God bless Music for the World."

Dr. Tony Payne, Director of the Conservatory of Music, Wheaton College

A few years ago Kathy Bunker had visited the old town of Vladimir in Russia and some Christian ministries here. Music for the World had sent with her some super important tools which have been used greatly for the Kingdom of God here in Russia.

One of those instruments was a black& silver "Rock Star" drum set that was given to the Calvary Chapel Church here in Vladimir. It has changed a number of skins, a number of stands, a number of thrones and it has traveled pretty much all over Russia in those few years; it has hosted on it's throne a whole bunch of Christian drummers that have played for the glory of God and for extending His kingdom. Right now it's sitting in the practice room and is being played every week by at least a couple bands. It has it's MICs and it was used for a full album recording in the last year along with lots of demo recordings. In-house concerts are monthly, plus it's always in the READY-TO-GO mode.

Music for the World has brought it with good traveling shells which is way cool and a huge blessing for the church. Kathy has also brought a good faithful Fender jazz bass and a 300 watt bass amp for the "Beware of Dogs" Christian rock band. The band has played it's music since 1996. released two albums and played it's music throughout many cities in Russia bringing the Gospel of Christ to a lot of youngsters. Music for the World has played a very important role in supporting the band's ministry.

Besides the bass set we were blessed with an acoustic guitar, a snare drum and a real big help financially to release the second studio album for our band..... The instruments are used 100 percent for making good Christian music. So I thank Kathy and whoever else is involved with Music for the World for such vision and ministry in extending the borders of Christ's kingdom on earth in such a faithful and wonderful way. May the Lord bless you richly with more vision, wisdom, love and support.

Pasha Baranov, Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Vladimir, Russia

Musical instruments donated to Russia.