Clean The Closet Program

Very few individuals or families can go through a closet without moving from corner to corner that high school or college musical instrument. It has remained silent for years and cries out for organizations, churches, clubs and gatherings of many kinds to have them put to good use.

Clean the Closet Program. The program puts out the challenge, collects the musical instruments and other materials, and then stores them in a selected warehouse until they can be shipped around the world. This project allows Music for the World to offer specific opportunities to needy individuals or groups and know beforehand its capability for fulfillment.

Clean The Closet Program Success Story

Christian artist Alberto Jose Campusano Pagina Llena

The Grand Recycler

Many organizations, businesses, schools, universities, churches and other institutions are continually recycling their musical instruments ranging from pianos (both acoustic and electric), to band, orchestral and choral music. Music for the World stays in touch with these organizations and allows them to donate these instruments and other items and see the life cycle go on a few more years.

Tour Support

Many third world musicians, as well as those in urban areas, have the professionalism and desire to tour throughout the world. The only impediment is financial. Music for the World provides the funding for these groups to travel and in some cases assists on the scheduling side.

Music for the World also offers financial support to stateside artists who desire to tour throughout the world but also lack the funds to make it possible. Music for the World procures support from individuals, record labels, churches, organizations and corporations to make this possible.

Build a Sound Studio

In many third world countries, recordings made outside their borders are banned. In these cases Music for the World assists them in building their own sound studies so local, regional and national recordings can be made.

Individuals and organization can underwrite in full or in part the purchasing and building of these recording studios. Technology now allows for this process to take place with limited resources.

Short and Long Term Music Teachers

The old adage regarding the "teaching to fish" certainly fits in regards to the enhancement of indigenous music. In some cases, a music teacher could assist the locals in the use of instruments as well as other technical equipment that would be made available. Individuals, churches and others can underwrite the financial needs of these musical envoys during their stay.

Music Scholarships

For those with the talent and acumen, Music for the World assists in the process of schooling by offering financial aid. Like many scholarships, this aid may be in full or in part, depending on the need and opportunity. Throughout the world there are worthy students waiting for support.